Alejandro Pena Explains the Essence of Corporate Charity in Business

In today’s business world, every company has to put effort into environmental, social, and government (ESG) issues. Keter, the Israeli-based company, is at the forefront of this move, led by their CEO Alejandro Pena. Though some people still find ESG optional and a financial burden, this company prioritizes the agenda in all its activities.

As the agenda of sustainability keeps getting pushed, more companies are embracing the idea. However, Pena ensured that his company makes resin-based products adhering to the regulations required in ESG. He included social responsibility in the core running of the firm, making them an industry leader. Keter now does all its activities considering the impact on the community and the environment around them.

According to Alejandro Pena, corporate charity is a competitive advantage now and in the future. Many customers will opt for environmentally-friendly products, even if it requires them to spend more. According to recent statistics, consumers are willing to spend up to 10% more on products produced sustainably. This is good news for all companies willing to follow this trend.

Alejandro Pena reported their progress in the recent past as they took out carbon from their production process. The firm now uses recycled resin and amplifies its efficiency throughout the production stages. This shift also impacts the employees since they feel part of an important purpose. Additionally, it creates confidence in the retailers, thus eventually improving sales.

With its 29 plants, Keter reduces transportation costs and impacts communities worldwide. They have firms in Israel, Europe, and North America, thus impacting quite a large area globally. 60% of their products get consumed within the production region, meaning they incur minimal transport expenses in each plant. Though the firm is an industry leader in production, Pena wants it to become a global pacesetter in matters of sustainability. By focusing on the consumer and environment, he sees his plan coming to fruition soon enough.

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