How Richard LIu Got To Where He Is Today

Today, and 360buy Ltd continue to pave the way under their founder Richard Liu since 2004. As chairman, he is able to produce the results needed to move forward in business.

Liu is a native of China and was brought up in the Chang’an village where his family worked in rice fields.

As Liu grew up, Richard began to develop ambitious ideas that would allow him to develop his business ideas in the future.

As Richard Liu prepared for his university career, he only attended the universities located in Shanghai and Beijing, where he was accepted into Renmin University.

While in university, Richard Liu also pursued computer programming. This self-taught study allowed Liu to pursue a high-demand field, in which he now had a skill for. Liu finished university and graduated with a sociology degree.

Two years after graduating from University, Richard Liu used his education and experience to create an eCommerce business that would become highly successful. However, this does not mean he did not have his fair share of failure. Having failure allowed him to learn and to remain vigilant in the businesses he begins as well as control the amount of trust he puts into others.

So, in 1998, Liu Qiangdong set out to create another ecommerce venture known as Jingdong. Unlike the many other similar businesses, Jingdong had set prices for the products he offered. Liu guaranteed that the products he sold were real and dependable.

Because of the model used for business, Jingdong was able to enjoy growth at a steady rate shortly after opening the doors. In fact, in five years, the first retail store came to be, which grew to twelve all across China. The amount that Jingdong managed to earn exceeded more than $9 million. Today, the amount of yearly earnings is in the hundreds of millions. Refer to this article for more information.


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