Philanthropist and Counselor Doug Haynes Journey to Success

DoughDoug Haynes, the president of The Council, is in charge of Council Advisors (formerly G100). He is a member of the city council.

Darden awarded Doug a Shermet Scholarship and a mechanical engineering award. McKinsey hired him as an engineer and marketer in 1992 after he worked for the CIA and GE Plastics.

He contributed to the development of McKinsey’s High Technology, Basic Materials, and Operations practice areas while working in the New York and New York offices.

He announced his resignation after 22 years as the manager of the Northeast Region. Doug was the CEO of Point72 Asset Management. he is well known as a philanthropist and a counselor.

During his four years at the firm, it outperformed its competitors, the founder’s SEC license was reinstated, and the firm raised the most money in its industry. While he was present in the office. As the managing partner and president of Council Advisors, Doug advises CEOs.

Doug Haynes was a board member and co-founder of the Center for Global Enterprise. He donates money to charities that help poor people and war veterans.

Mr. Cohen served on the boards of both of these organizations when they were first formed. Doug serves on the Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience Board.

His Appointment on Different Boards

Several organizations, including the Robin Hood Foundation and Camp Southern Ground, have appointed him to their boards. He also serves on the boards of several technology companies.

A workspace that contains everything. It assists businesses and individuals in developing high-performing cultures by providing complete motivation and support.

Obsidian Asset Management, a Swiss logistics provider, is part of ChainIQ, which helps people invest in commercial real estate by providing research and pre-screened investment opportunities. ChainIQ is a logistics company based in Switzerland.

As an advisor, he consults for the Randolph Macon Academy, the Darden Graduate School of Business, Villanova University, the Canterbury School, and the Singtel Corporation.


Doug and Laurice currently reside in Scarborough, New York. Laurice also serves on the board of Rising Starr Equine Rescue. Laurice is the CEO of two businesses: T2X and Functional Mobility. They have five children, all of whom have reached adulthood.

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