Randy Douthit: Producer and Director

Randy Douthit found a television that was dropped by a delivery vehicle when he was a child. When the television was turned on, by his grandmother, Randy had a vision of being a television presenter. When Randy was nine years old, he would ride a bike in his village selling tickets he created in the barn of his grandparents. When Randy was 23 years old, he became the Portlands KGW director, where he later directed a children’s program. Later, Randy held a down talk show daily, Seattle Today, and he became famous. Randy was employed at CNN when the network was still new. When randy was at CNN, he was the director and the executive producer of the Crossfire show. By then, Crossfire was the leading show on the network.

In addition, randy was the producer of the news panel, Capital Gang. The two shows, Capital Gang and Crossfire got awarded the CableAce Awards. Randy Douthit, also directed, produced, and conceived Larry King in 1985. Later, the executive producer joined the entertainment industry, Quincy Jones. Randy is proud of his success for many years, by winning Emmy Awards thrice for the Judge Judy show on CBS television, and Judy justice at Amazon studios. In addition, Douthit sees the developments for Judy Sheindlin’s company and the Queen-Bee production organization.

Randy DouthitRandy said that he has always had an interest in television since he was young. He also adds that he never gave up on his vision. Randy also added that he gains income by receiving programs license fees, producing and directing fees, besides residual collection on shows. Randy also said that there is little doubt when he was starting. The producer also added that he tries to focus on his victory, besides creating an environment that will make success more likely. Randy believes that, when you conceive and believe in something, you can have it.


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