Ron Gutman Launches FestiHealth

Ron Gutman is a self-described ‘serial entrepreneur, inventor, innovator, investor, educator, author, speaker, artist, designer, activist, philanthropist, humanitarian, and optimist.’ Through his companies, projects, and associations such as FestiHealth and Halthapp, he has raised more than $500 million for charity, taught thousands how to improve mental and physical well-being, launched educational initiatives and social enterprises that impact others, and created technologies that make life easier.


Intrivo recently donated $1M worth of testing supplies — comprising its On/GO rapid test kits and the company’s Population Health Management Software & Hardware — to Ukrainian hospitals and healthcare facilities. Ron Gutman recalls how during the pandemic crisis, Intrivo focused on providing relief goods to those affected by the disease. 


Through the company’s On/Go For Good philanthropic program, the organization assisted NGOs and local governments with procuring and delivering medical equipment, protective gear, nutritional supplements, and personal hygiene products to areas struck hardest by the virus. Ron Gutman´s return home brought a new mission: to deliver even more COVID testing kits and a wish list of other urgent items desperately needed by hospitals in the area. 


The business expert found that thanks to a flood of contributions from pharmaceutical companies and foreign governments, they’re well stocked in lifesaving medication. Ron Gutman and Intrivo Health are now hoping to form a coalition of US-based companies.

All these must be devoted to aiding Ukraine in order to fulfill that wish list of demands and encourage better cooperation within the healthcare industry generally, Ron Gutman explains. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, European Union (EU) regulators warned last week that any changes made to experimental drugs being tested in Ukraine must undergo new safety checks after Russia invaded the country earlier this month.